Cinema BD300

Cinema BD300

A 5.1-channel home theater system with 100-watt powered subwoofer

Sold from 2012 until now

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System Frequency Response
Subwoofer Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power
Speaker Weight (kg)
Subwoofer Height (mm)
Speaker Width (in)
Speaker Height (mm)
Speaker Depth (in)
Subwoofer Weight (kg)
Speaker Weight (lb)
Speaker Height (in)
Satellite Width (mm)
Satellite Weight (kg)
Subwoofer Width (in)
Speaker Width (mm)
Subwoofer Depth (in)
Subwoofer Weight (lb)
Satellite Weight (lb)
Speaker Depth (mm)
Satellite Height (in)
Subwoofer Height (in)
Satellite Depth (in)
Satellite Height (mm)
Satellite Width (in)
Subwoofer Depth (mm)
Subwoofer Width (mm)
Satellite Depth (mm)
Power Consumption (Standby)
100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Full Power/Idle)
Amplifier Power (RMS)
Subwoofer_Enclosure Type
Subwoofer Low-Frequncy Transducer
8" (200mm) long-throw paper cone
Speaker High-Frequency Transducer
1/2" (13mm) titanium-laminate dome, video shielded
Speaker Midrange Transducer
3" (75mm) paper cone, video shielded
Satellite Midrange Transducer
3" (75mm) paper cone, video shielded
Satellite High-Frequency Transducer
1/2" (13mm) titanium-laminate dome, video shielded

Complete, versatile, 5.1-channel home theater system in one box.

For over 60 years, JBL® engineers have created sound for theaters, arenas and recording studios. Now, the legendary JBL sound enhances the home theater experience with a complete, 5.1-channel system. The Cinema BD300 transforms your TV into a home theater by adding a 3D Blu-ray Disc™ receiver with a built-in five-channel amplifier, a 100-watt powered subwoofer, a center speaker and four satellite speakers. All speakers are voice-matched for a superior surround-sound experience and feature color-coded wires to simplify setup. The receiver features Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ decoding, so your movies will give you the sounds that their creators intended. The system’s Dolby Pro Logic® II turns any stereo source into a full surround-sound experience. Bluetooth® connectivity lets you stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth device. A wireless LAN/USB adapter is included, so you can stream audio content from DLNA®-compatible devices on your Wi-Fi® or wired home network. The system even streams entertainment from YouTube™ and Picasa™ services and other content providers. Two HDMI® inputs let you connect your cable or satellite tuner to the system. The Cinema BD300 is proof that a home theater system doesn’t have to be complicated to be compelling.

A powered subwoofer can be the difference between merely watching a movie and being immersed in it. The Cinema BD300’s powerful, 100-watt subwoofer features a 8-inch (200-millimeter) transducer that produces the rich, low frequencies that give each scene exceptional realism.
The Cinema BD300’s four two-way satellite speakers feature a 3-inch (75-millimeter) midrange transducer plus a 1/2-inch (13-millimeter) high-frequency transducer. The satellite and center speakers are voice-matched with each other for amazing surround-sound performance.
Explosions quicken the pulse, but dialogue tells a movie’s story. Featuring two 3-inch (75-millimeter) midrange transducers and a 1/2-inch (13 millimeter) high-frequency transducer, the Cinema BD300’s center-channel speaker delivers dialogue with clarity.
The Cinema BD300 complements the stunning visual clarity of movies on Blu-ray Disc media with powerful bass and full-range JBL sound across 5.1 channels. It also plays DVD, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD and CD-R/-RW discs.
The Cinema BD300 receiver decodes high-resolution film soundtracks in their native formats – including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio – so you hear the sounds that the filmmakers intended.
You could settle for stereo, but why? Dolby Pro Logic II uses a 5.1-channel system to turn any source, including MP3s or YouTube videos, into a full surround-sound experience. You don’t just listen to your entertainment, you’re enveloped by it.
The Cinema BD300 is DivX Certified® to play DivX® and DivX Plus® HD (H.264/MKV) video up to 1080p. So you can enjoy high-definition video content and make the most of your flat-panel TV.
Connect your HDMI source devices, such as your cable or satellite tuner, directly to the Cinema BD300 receiver for maximum sound quality. The system’s dual HDMI inputs also simplify switching.
Audio Return Channel sends high-quality audio from sources that are directly connected to your TV (such as the Netflix™ service) to the Cinema BD300 receiver to give you high-quality sound. No extra connections are required.
The Cinema BD300 lets you hear high-fidelity audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets. So your playlists can fill the room, not just your headphones.

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